Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thank God it's Over

It appears that the suspect perished in the burning cabin, it will likely be a day or so before it's verified. The body is still in the burned out remains of the cabin, I'm just guessin' that thay are going to process the exterior of the scene first, then work there way into the cabin. I'm also just guessin' that they will wait until daylight until gettin' serious about it. There should be plenty left to ID, ask me how I know.

The worst thing that could happen is that no remains are found. Very unlikely, but still, everybody needs to do their job and do it properly. Crazy stuff happens, this whole episode tells us that.



  1. Hey Capt.,
    What a tragedy, and yes thank God it is over. What drives a person to this level of animalistic behavior and hate?

  2. Chief Silver - I think that is part of the tragedy. We keep trying to apply logic and reason to understand events as evil and insane as this. To me, it is beyond comprehension.

    Thanks for the comment.