Monday, February 11, 2013

His Name Was Michael,

Michael Crain. RPD opted to release his name to the public yesterday, despite his murderer not yet being apprehended.

Officer Michael Crain
 EOW 2/7/2013
RPD Photo

Michael Crain was  34 yrs. old at the time of his death and leaves behind his wife and his two children, ages 10 and 4. 

He had a pretty full career during his eleven years with the RPD, serving as a patrol officer, a FTO, an observer with the department's aviation unit, a member of the SWAT team, and a firearms instructor.

Prior to becoming a cop, he served in the Marine Corps, including deployments to Kuwait and time as an instructor in Military Operations in the Urban Environment.

Michael's funeral is to be held on Wednesday morning at Grove Community Church and will be interred at Riverside National Cemetery.  

What a tragic freaking loss. 


A vigil honoring Michael was held at city hall late last week. It was arranged by the Mayor's office, reportedly after numerous requests to do so by city employees. The Saint I Am Married To and I both attended, we both felt the need to show support to Crain's family and to RPD.

The media got wind of the vigil and showed up in force. Sadly, when you see a fleet of little blue news vans, it usually isn't good news.

 The mayor kind of led things, along with an RPD chaplain (who is also our chaplain and a retired RFD captain)

 Chaplain Steve Ballinger (left) and Mayor Rusty Bailey.

The vigil was well attended, with a broad spectrum of the community in attendance. In addition to showing support, I think a lot of us were just struggling to wrap our heads around the enormity of the tragedy.

After the vigil had broken down into smaller groups, the Police Chief and the Mayor were in high demand for on camera interviews.

City of Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz

   City of Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey (left)

Though it was a somber gathering, it was good to see the support for Michael Crain and the department. Hopefully, it was an important step in the healing process, for Michael's family, friends and coworkers and for the city as a whole.


Also shot on that horrible night was a Riverside police officer trainee. The department is still not releasing his name as there is still concern for his safety as long as the suspect remains at large. He is reported to be in stable condition after being shot numerous times. Apparently, Officer Crain was acting as the wounded officer's FTO when both were ambushed as they were stopped at a traffic signal.  The wounded officer underwent emergency surgery immediately after being wounded and will require additional surgeries as he recovers. Godspeed to him as he recovers from his injuries.


The suspect in all of this mess has vanished into thin air. His burned-out pick-up truck up truck was found on Thursday afternoon on a fire road in the San Bernardino National Forest, near Big Bear Ca. An extensive man hunt has been going on in the area since then to no avail. Law enforcement throughout SoCal are nervous as a cat on this, who can blame them. Police facilities throughout the area have increased security as a result. Downtown Riverside looked like an armed camp on Friday as officers equipped with long guns were posted around the courthouse, RPD headquarters and the District Attorney's  office. I hope they get this guy quickly, before anybody else gets hurt.


The services are on Thursday. I have not yet determined whether I will drag out the Class-A an attend as a mourner, or whether I will drag out the Canon and attend as a photographer. Either way, my heart, as well as several thousand other attendees will be heavy with loss.

As the suspect is still out there, security at this funeral will be very tight, maybe even oppressive. It's too bad that the Michael Crain's family and friends  will be forced to mourn under the blanket of fear., they have enough on their minds.

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  1. Such a senseless loss. I pray for his family and the safety of all who serve with honor.

    Bless you.

  2. Brigid - Senseless indeed, though perhaps an understatement. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, I just hope his family can recover.

    Though the bullets have stopped flying (for now at least)I'm afraid the carnage will continue for quite some time.

    Thanks for the comment.