Sunday, November 29, 2009

Four Police Officers Murdered

I was in the middle of washing my car when I heard the over the radio that four Police officers were shot to death as they enoyed a cup of coffee in Parkland Washington.

Fox news is reporting that the four uniformed officers were using their laptops in a coffee shop when one, possibly two gunmen entered the shop and opened fire on the officers. It appears that the officers were targeted and that robbery was not the motive in the shootings.

MSNBC is reporting that no one else was injured and that the officers were in the shop before they started their patrol.

Are you effing kidding me. This does not appear to be a raid or a t-stop gone bad. It appears that one possibly two dirtbags who decided to make a statement and take out four Schmoes who were just getting ready for work. This behavior is meant to send a message to the cops and to us. They think they are in charge, that they can do what they want. This has got to stop.

Obviously, these scum do not fear going to jail or getting killed or the system. They have to fear us as a people before this kind of behavior will stop.

My deepest symathies go out to the families, agencies, friends and responders who will be left to pick up the pieces. I am sickened by your loss.

Sorry for the rant folks.



  1. Your "rant" reflects what most of us are thinking right about now, Capt. What a horrible thing. No chance to even protect themselves. My head hangs in sorrow for them and their families.

  2. This type of crime makes me sick. You are positively right when you say they have no fear. They have no respect either.

    I remember growing up and I'm not sure if it was fear I had of police/firemen, maybe a little, but I think it was more respect and I was always in awe of them. They were definately at a level where "I" wanted to be someday.

    I also remember teaching my child that there should be nothing less than 100% respect when dealing with not just police officers, but firemen, teachers, elders in general.

    My heart goes out to the families/friends of the fallen. RIP

  3. Dear Captain Schmoe,
    If I read this right, the department there had 102 commissioned officers, which means that all of them knew those four and are going to take it extra hard.

    Nine kids. I can't get over it.

    Ann T.

  4. It's easy to act fearless when you ambush somebody from behind. @#$%ing coward.

  5. This is my community and it's horrible. There are no words. Capt. Schmoe, you are right. I hurt too bad to say much else. I feel for their kids and spouses and families. May G-d send all the very best angels to be with them.

  6. Just an unbelievable crime. I can't even think of how this would feel in a community. Each officer was married and had kids. Heartfelt condolences from the Heartland.

  7. As you now know, it was one incredibly evil man simply looking to kill cops. He himself is now dead, shot by a Seattle PD officer who was trying to ensure he wasn't #5.

    Great emergency services blog! I'm a cop in a large Fornicalia agency, but my blog veered to politics.