Thursday, November 19, 2009

Schmoe Gets Shot

Today was shot day at work. The County finally got it's supply of the H1N1 vaccine and decided that they could spare some of it for us. we all piled on the engine and went down to a temporary clinic that was set up in a gymnasium.

First responders from law enforcement, EMS and Fire agencies could come to the clinic and get vaccinated. The vaccine was voluntary for our agency, but my entire crew opted to get the shot. The nasal spray was not available to us.

We had to read a pamphlet, then fill out some forms. Had I known that paperwork was involved, I would have gone down to the Paradise Acres Rest Home and snaked some of theirs.

My rat bastard crew convinced the nurse to use a slightly larger needle than normal. I tried hard not to cry, but between the laughter and the needle it was tough. Thank goodness one of the other nurses gave me a box of kleenex.

It appeared that the turn-out was lower than expected. Maybe some people are reluctant to get the vaccine. I had heard both side of the argument and figured that I was better off with it. Time will tell.

A few weeks ago, I caught the local hospital having a disater drill. They were kind enough to let me take a few pics.

 Need a hand?

Emergency Department preparing pt. for movement into the ER

Triage Tags in the foreground, a decontamination shelter in the background.

Death Comes to the Healing Place

I like hummingbirds. I like wiener dogs. I hate gophers. The Healing Place is fairly new. The district spent a ton on landscaping, with trees, shrubs and ground cover. We are now being overrun with gophers and they are destroying a lot of plant material. As the budget is tight, there won't be any replacement plant material fo quite a while. Sorry gophers, you got to go.

I got my fist confirmed kill yesterday. I was so proud that I put him on the hood of my jeep. I didn't have any arrows to stick in him, so I just used the trap. I know that wouldn't cut it in Providence, but it's going to have to do.

For you gopher lovers, fear not. He was treated with dignity and respect, all the way into the dumpster. I just hope he was preggo.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Dear Capt. Schmoe,
    I Loved this post! At first however, I thought you had been assaulted. Little rock to the shock at my desk.

    Now I think the gophers should go to the assistant administrator. I know those take-charge, kill-excess people are often in need of gophers. If you happen to find any flunkies in the park, take those to him too. He might need those "extra hands".

    Ann T.

  2. Peedee - All of that sympathy for that plant murdering gopher and not a word of sympathy to old Schmoe? Did you see that needle? That woman stuck it into MY ARM!!! She injected god knows what in there and then laughed because my inhuman crew convinced her to use a 20 rather than a 22. Schmoe is morose.

    Ann T - Good suggestions to be sure. However, despite my intense dislike of gophers, I would not subject even a gopher to the evil character of the Tyrant.

  3. Dear Captain Schmoe,
    I guess death is better than tyranny. Even to a gopher.

    Ann T.

  4. Indeed it is. BTW, I got another one of those little varmits today!

  5. Cap,

    Good hunting!

    But please tell me the gay Mini-Cooper behind you doesn't belong to a fireman. And if it does, tell him to take his FD sticker off it. I can't take the humiliation by association.

  6. John - I would like to tell you that the mini belongs to someones wife or to one of our bad-ass female firefighters. Sadly no. It belongs a captain (not me!) and he won't take the effing sticker off either.

    Besides, he says, it is one of those totally macho "S" models and dosen't deserve all of the grief we give him over it.

    Notice the rugged blue jeep tho...

  7. This RN has been spending some time this fall doing flu shot clinics. Thus, I was in the right frame of mind to realize that Schmoe was shot by a licensed professional, not some gun wielding thug on the street.

    Great post and great comments too. The complaint about the Mini Cooper made me LOL.

    Schmoe, I hope your arm is feeling better. That mean ol'nurse...

  8. I'm not a tree hugger Capt., but I am an animal lover. I feel bad for the little rodent. There has got to be another way!! Stop the carnage!!!

    And your a big boy, stop blubbering over a little needle. Geesh, she coulda used a 14g on ya! lmao.