Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Sabbatical

Today is the second day of my annual holiday sabbatical. As I have been an employee of the Kinda Big Fire Protection District for almost 26 years, I recieve the maximum vacation accrual rate. My vacation time, alomg with flexible holidays and shift trades allow me to take several weeks off a couple times a year.

This year, due to the Saint I am Married To having a new gig and not having any accrued vacation plus the result of the shortened trip to Nebraska (The Disasta in Nebraska) I have a little more time saved up. As a result, my next assigned shift will be on Christmas Day at the "Healing Place"

I have an early December birthday. I usually try to take the time from my birthday until Christmas off. I got into the habit after a couple of real bad Christmas seasons call-wise. Multiple fatal MVAs, dead baby calls, serious fires all the kind of stuff that dampens my already fragile Christmas spirit.

I know most of my shortcomings. When not in a denial phase, I acknowlege most of them. One of mine is that I have a minor Scrooge Complex.

Taking as much of the Christmas season off is a defense against being a total Scrooge. It allows me to relax, get all of the Christmas stuff handled without feeling the pressure of time or of seeing lives ruined.  That way I can enjoy the season without hurting myself or others.

So, I will spend the coming weeks getting ready for the holiday, probably get over to Death Valley for a day or two and hopefully get some photography in. I am looking forward to it, especially spending some time with my family.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Dear Captain Schmoe,
    Well, I hope you do all of those relaxing things. I've never been to Death Valley but I love Arizona's deserts. All the quiet, the long view, and ancient mountains seem to put everything in perspective.

    Happy Hols,
    Ann T.

  2. I should've known you were a Sagittarius!! We are some good peeps! =). Ok so what day is ur birthday in dec?? I'm dec 9th.
    And although I've run a couple of bad calls around the holiday for the most part I was lucky. Nothing too horrific. And there is always tons of good food and goodies at the ER that time of year. BONUS! Enjoy ur time off!!

  3. Ann T - I love the desert. For those who take the time to look and to explore, it is a place of amazing beauty. I would recommend Death Valley to anyone who appreciates light, nature and solitude.

    Peedee - We share the same birth date. I'll hoist a cold beer to you on the 9th.

  4. And I'll do the same for you! You know who else shares our birthday.....wait for it....Donny Osmond!!! Purple socks baby. Lmao.