Sunday, November 8, 2009


Although I have been doing a fair job posting on this blog, I haven't done as well with updating links. My bad, beat me up if you must.

I have added a several new categories to my blogrolls. The first is "When we are done with 'em". These are blogs written by doctors. The second is "Military / Geopolitik" These are blogs written by members of the military or by expatriates working in the security or diplomatic arena. "My Teams" include blogs about my favorite sports teams, mainly the Chicago Cubs and the Green Bay Packers.

I have also added some new blogs, some of which I should have added a long time ago.

My deepest apologies to Gia, Mrs. B, PeeDee and The Observer, all of whose blogs I read and who frequently comment here. My bad folks, you should have been linked long ago.

A couple of newcomers include Ann T. and Miss Brave whose writing I have been enjoying as well. The Big Picture is a blog put out by the Boston Globe and contains amazing images covering all kinds of subjects.

I have added Texas Ghostrider and A Tenderfoot in Tombstone to the "B Band Brothers" blogroll. Both are good and honest reads.  Roanoake Engine 9  is now on the fire service blogroll, it is a look into the day to day life of a municipal engine company, 

There are some more minor changes in store, sorry for my laziness. Again, most of these should have been added a long time ago, but better late than never.

Thanks for reading,



  1. You're a Packer fan? My deepest sympathies. :P
    Tampa beat them with a rookie quarterback, that should tell you something.
    (misplaced Viking fan, living in Packer country)

  2. We greatly appreciate the link. We enjoy your site immensely. Stay Safe. 9 Engine

  3. Cap,

    Good to see another M.D.O.D reader. Those docs are hilarious.