Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sorry Dude

I'm sorry dude. I am sorry that of all the places they could have sent you to do your EMT ride-outs, they sent you here. You seem like a nice kid, despite the piercings and the plugs. Maybe you pissed someone off.

They could have sent you to station 204. There, you could have ridden the squad and rolled on fifteen or twenty calls. They usually get a good shooting or sticking on the weekeend. The men's shelter is good for one or two calls a day, as is "Con Home Row". I know they have an open seat today, I talked to Steve-O. He said that they have been busy.

I'm sorry dude. I am sorry that the C.C. doesn't want you to get involved with our station improvement project. Maybe they are afraid you will hurt yourself with a saw or a drill-driver. It seems as if you have an interest in learning how to use these tools, but they don't want you doing anything that is not directly related to your course of study.

I am glad you learned how to start a lawn mower today and I'm glad you actually were able to mow half of the lawn. I understand that you had never used a lawn mower before. Frankly, I am glad I was busy in the back yard of the station while that was going on. Otherwise I would have had to stop you. I'm really glad you didn't run over your foot or stick you hands under the deck. That would have been a "farm injury" moment for us all.

I'm sorry dude. I am sorry we have to get these inspections done this afternoon. I'd rather have my medic go over assessments and spinal injuries with you, but these inspections need to be completed by the thirtieth. You do seem to enjoy learning about building construction, exiting and protection systems. Maybe you will decide to change your major to fire-tech instead of biology.

I am glad you were able to catch a few medical aid calls. I know they weren't real emergencies, but you did a good job taking vitals and you did ask the right questions. The patient seemed real happy to be a part of your learning experience. I think you may get it after a while.

I'm sorry dude. I am sorry that in the 14 hours you were here we only ran two medical aid calls, a box-alarm and a vehicle fire. It may not seem like much, but the poor bastard that was here yesterday only ran once and that was for a bush on fire. She had to spend most of her day in the classroom, studying for the final.

Good luck to you EMT of the future. Hopefully your clinical time will be in the evening and you will get some action. I really don't know why they send students here.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Dear Captain Schmoe,
    How awful for everybody.

    Maybe he'll figure out to change his look, learn to do things, learn to study on his own, learn to bring a book or laptop. At least he wanted to do something.

    I'm guessing that he whined a little though. I would too. I would have gone nuts with nothing to do. I would have tried not to drive anyone else nuts though.

    Is he coming back??? I almost hate to ask.

    Ann T.

  2. Ann T. - It wasn't all that bad. Despite his appearance he did an OK job with the assessment he performed. He really didn't whine although I could tell he was bored while studying in the classroom. (you can look at he "Farm Injury" section in the EMT book for only so long)

    He was eager to learn despite having no manipulative skills. He is finishing up a BA at a nearby college and wants to be a PA. He appeared to be sharp enough to pull it off.

    I just think my station is not the place to be sending these people.

    In answer to your question, we get them for one day. Then they go off to the ambulance and finally to the ER. I wish him well. By the time I get back, "EMT Season" will be over until next semester. Then they will start showing up again.

    Thanks Ann T. for the comment.

  3. Dear Captain,
    Okay, I get it. You were the one who was worried. When silly week shows up, I can't imagine why anyone would want to transfer out. Capt. Nice Schmoe!.

  4. We threw out an EMT student last week for being a sarcastic smarta$$. I would have tossed him earlier if I had known he almost got tossed by the other shift 2 days prior, and they had warned him repeatedly to watch his mouth with us.

    Unfortunately, every time we get a student it ends up a slow day followed by a busy night after the student leaves. Although we did have a student on the day we had the attempted suicide by train...

  5. Sounds like ALS fire companies have bad consequences even outside of patient care. I hadn't even imagined that an EMT program would be dumb enough to put their students (who are riding to learn medical care, not lawn care) on an engine.

    Thanks for the enlightenment, although now I feel sick.