Monday, November 15, 2010

Follow - ups

Here some notes to follow up on a few previous posts:

On A City Mourns : Well, they caught the bastard. A career criminal in his forties, the stupid moron didn't have the sense to leave town. He was caught within 5 miles of the crime scene, less than 48 hours later. The funeral is tomorrow, as I am working tonight, I doubt I can make the drive and get to the services in time. I may just stand on the procession route, we'll see how it goes.

On Capt. Schmoe Meets Sgt Ashmore : Number One Son held his ground and got what he wanted. He managed to pull an active duty slot with his MOS as a Military Policeman. He leaves in the spring, and will do his basic and specialized training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. After that, who knows. He went down to San Diego, took the physical, filled out countless forms and took the oath, making him official.

There are two silver linings to this cloud. First, he can't take his dog with him. (Sydney, the small evil one) Second, I will get #2 truck back, though it will take me six months to get it squared away. How come teenagers are so dammed tough on vehicles?

One other thing, a short time after hitting the publish button on the original post, a visitor from the US Army Recruiting Command spent a few minutes reading it. Coincidence? I don't know, but I find it creepy.

On So It Begins : I should actually do a separate post on this and call it "So It Continues". The permanent changes have been made, not everyone is happy. In addition, the movement caused some other people to try and slide into a spot that they desired, creating even more movement.

A couple of district commanders have decided to use the upheaval as an opportunity to make some personnel changes moving the captains on another shift around.  Add a couple of terminations and retirements into the mix and the faces of several districts have changed.  So far, my shift has been relatively unaffected, but my boss is getting transferred pretty soon and it appears that I will get a brand spanking new District Commander. Oh boy, who knows what this will bring.

He may decide to make wholesale changes. I hope not, everybody is pretty happy in our district on our shift.

On Why I Own A Jeep :

Another picture from that same trip. This is a sign warning us to stay out of a large military installation, located in the Mojave desert. 

There was an older sign, laying on the ground about 10 feet inside the fenceline. It was a nice old sign with the faded name of the installation on it. I figured it would take me about 15 seconds to go between the wires and grab it, but I ran out of balls. There was no one within 20 miles of where we were, but I figured there was a video camera with a long lens on it that would take my picture, read the license plate on the Jeep and cause me to be arrested for theft of federal property.

Puck-puck, puck-puck, puckaw.

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