Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Firehouse Expo

#2 son and I played hooky today and went to the Firehouse Expo. It was held in San Diego. We were down visiting my folks, so we decided to go.

A lot of things to see

The exhibition hall was full of people and fire service equipment. It was old home week, we couldn't walk a hundred feet without seeing someone we knew.

Fallbrook Firefighters had this beauty on display.

Here is something you don't see every day, a two headed fire engine.

Many vendors were present, including Phenix Fire
Helmets, personal favorite of Capt. Schmoe.

What's an antique engine without a Dalmatian?

It's how they roll in the 90210.

Oceanside's new Pierce. Nice grill!

After we were done at the expo, we went into the Gaslight District and had lunch at a Persian restaurant. The food was great and as the weather was perfect, we decided to eat on the sidewalk.

Two guys pushing a cart full of chairs through downtown San Diego.They went up the street for several blocks, before turning down an alley.

All in all a great day. As the last four posts were all words (fiction no less), I thought I'd throw some images your way. Have a great week and as always, Thanks for reading.



  1. Very nice pics, Capt. Oh I long for some warmth and a chance to eat lunch outside! Glad you had some R&R, and saw some fabulous firehouse equipment! Have a wonderful day, Schmoe!!

  2. I wish I could take my son there, he'd LOVE it. Thanks for rubbing my nose in that "perfect weather" nonsense.

  3. Capt Schmoe:

    Cool! I always love me a good conference or assembly!

    the Observer

  4. Dear Captain,
    Others have already said it. You get very clear pictures, good composition, love the details. I am in awe.

    And, what fun! You know, that father-son thing is a good deal too. It gets more valuable as they get older and takes on the purity of those photos you took.

    A complete success,
    Ann T.