Thursday, March 18, 2010

Overheard / King of the Road

I was leaving work on Saint Paddy's day and the TV was on in the medic's dorm. As I was walking past the door, I heard a bimbo reporter interviewing a member of a pipe band from a fire department down south. It went something like this:

Bimbo Reporter: Blah blah blah blah. So tell me, what do you bag pipers wear under your kilt?

F.D. Bagpiper: Well, you could put your hand down there and find out.

I just about choked on my coffee. I hope the piper doesn't get too much grief for his response. I know he was representing his agency, but it was too easy of a shot for him to pass up.

I looked on you-tube to see if anyone had taped and posted it but I had no luck.
King of the road
Waiting for a Ride

Open Desert

The desert is a pretty lonely place to be waiting for a ride. We passed this guy at about 11:00 am on our way east. We saw him about 7 hours later when we were heading west. He still had a ways to go before he was going to be anywhere near civilization. 

Stopping was not my shot to call. Call me paranoid, but I usually don't pick up hitchhikers, especially in the middle of the desert. I will make an exception, but only if I can maintain some form of tactical advantage. I am usually armed when in the more remote areas of the desert and I assume everyone I meet is armed as well. This practice ensures very polite conversations.

I hope this guy made it to town. He looked like he has had a little practice being on the road.

As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. Dear Captain Schmoe,
    Since the reporter made the first inappropriate, sexually-harassing comment, then the reply should be no problem. Although, he's lucky she didn't try to find out for sure. The best answer would be Chanel No. 5.

    I have seen a picture of Queen Elizabeth sitting w/ a group of Royal Whatevers and hmmm. One of them chose zero. The Queen is smiling. We don't know why. Nor do we know why the kilt guy is smiling too.

    As to His Royal Highness of Route Unspecified,
    he could ride in the back of my chicken truck, but that's about it. Since I don't have a chicken truck, I've got that base covered.

    Like you, I feel bad for many homeless people, and even have friendly relations with many. But--though my family does not believe it--I practice a lot of risk management. He does not look like a good risk. I do wish him luck though.

    As always, I enjoy your posts,
    Ann T.