Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Due Blog Carnival

Toady marks the first ever First Due Blog Carnival, a collection of posts from fire service related bloggers. This months topic is "I am a Firefighter Because".

This edition is being hosted by The Fire Critic, who is also the person who got this started. There are 14 bloggers who submitted posts this month, including myself. There are a few blogs in the carnival whom I have never read, so I am looking forward to expanding my horizons.

In case you missed it, my entry can be found here, it was posted a few days ago.

Click on over to the First Due Blog Carnival and see what my colleagues have to say. I am going to do the same, however as I am still working on my taxes, it won't be till after my 1700 tax appointment. Nothing like being prepared.

Enjoy the Carnival and as always, thanks for reading,

1 comment:

  1. Dear Captain Schmoe,
    I did go over to read the carnival. And I learned many things, chiefly sir, that you are a rogue.

    Most of the rest of the entries had a family or neighborhood tradition associated with them. That teacher of yours was truly the bomb. He got an entire family tradition into one class for three motivated students.

    That rogue thing must have seemed like a handicap from time to time, but it's also fantastic that you found your calling. I'm pleased to know such an accomplished person, who can look forward, back, and sideways.

    Well, enough gushing. I learned a lot about the esprit de corps from reading such a wide variety of entries. I enjoyed the Carnival very much. Thanks for sending me over.

    The guy at FireCritic who had to write the intros had a tough job but he did it well.

    Way to go, everybody,
    and way to be a rogue,
    Ann T.