Monday, March 8, 2010

Schmotographs - continued

I will finish up a cycle in the morning and quite frankly I am glad this one is over. Mayhem on the streets, undesirable outcomes, Black and Blue Friday drills and a bitter ambulance crew have made this cycle much tougher than it needed to be.

As a result, no lengthy dissertations tonight, just some photos that I have shot in the last few weeks.

We stopped and got lunch at a burger stand and this impromptu
car show was going on. This is why I always have a camera with 

 I love the interior of this car. Not a lot of padding on that steel dash 
though. It didn't have seat belts either.

 The S.O. landed their helicopter on an abandoned street and
picked up a deputy. For some secret surveillance perhaps? A
joyride is the more likely scenario. I am not being critical, as you
regular readers know, I am never one to turn down a joyride.

I have been working on my night photo skills and have a long ways
 to go. This was a rollover we had last week. Note the high voltage
  switch box that she landed on. I was glad she was out of the car
before we got there.

I snapped this as we were walking back to the rig. I liked the
purty colors.

This is my buddy Dave. I caught Dave at a confined
space drill a few weeks back. As soon as he saw
the camera, his hands cramped and his fingers
extended. I told him that I would post it on the web
and that it would be seen by millions of people.
OK, maybe hundreds.

My "weekend" starts tomorrow and I am ready. I hope to have a productive break, time will tell on that. Meanwhile, everybody stay safe and as always, thanks for reading.


  1. Great pics, as always, Capt. Sorry you had a rough cycle. Its that much worse when it is not you but others who influence that cycle! Oh and Tell Dave he oughta have those cramps looked at, I was getting those alot and had to change shifts! lol, JK Stay safe and enjoy your "weekend!"

  2. Dear Captain,
    I've said it before. Darn fine pictures. Your constant study shows up--no muss, no fuss.

    Ann T.

  3. I used to be mesmerized by the flashing lights. Especially on a big scene with lots of units.
    Great pics as usual Capt.

  4. Great pics Captain. Your night time shots are very good..

  5. el suckio pictures, Captain.
    not really, but it WAS getting monotonous.

  6. Capt. Schmoe:

    Nice photos! And that first photo of the old car has those wonderful reflections of the other old cars--and not of you! This is not always easy, as I discovered during my recent venture to the Auto Show.

    The Observer