Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Calling All Cars

I know there are a few coppers that read this blog. Some of them are even from my state or a neighboring state. If you are one of them, do me a favor. If you should happen to see this car (or even one like it) pull it over and find something to cite him for.

I am pretty sure that dropping the f-bomb on your license plate frame isn't against the law, but is it really necessary? I am no prude, I have a pretty profane vocabulary, of which I am usually pretty happy to share. Yet, I really don't want some mommy to have to explain to her little girl what that word is used for. It just ain't right.

I snapped this on the way home from work this morning and it kind of pissed me off. I don't know what he is trying to say, but I just don't think it needs to be expressed in this fashion. So my cop friends, jam this knucklehead up if you should see him. Tell him it's from Schmoe - with love. I owe ya.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Love it! I'll even chip in to raise a " bounty ".

  2. What a jerk. We know I love the f-bomb, but there's a time and place for it. (I think lol)

  3. Thank you Captain, I would be the mother having to explain to the little girl what that dirty fucker has displayed on his car. whoops! sorry. slipped out.

  4. Dear Capt. Schmoe,
    For me it's not the word, it's the attitude. Driving is a cooperative venture. But he's not. So yeah, screw him over.

    That sense of entitlement--
    Ann T.

  5. Mrs. B! Schmoe is yet again, shocked and appalled! Seriously, I think we all can agree that the f-word is one that little girls should learn from their mothers.

    5400 - A bounty is a good idea, but I should warn you - don't let me keep the money. Vacation time is only a few short months away.

    Peedee - There is a time and a place. Any time or any place that I can look over my shoulder and make sure there aren't any nuns, kids under 14 or my mom standing within earshot.

    Ann T. I agree. Unfortunately, I was too busy driving, balancing a cup of Coffee, shifting (man. trans) and working my camera to notice how cooperative his driving attitude was. I was also hoping he didn't notice me taking his picture. My shrink says I should avoid conflict.

    Thanks everyone for the comments.