Monday, March 22, 2010

Train Wreck

I have two kinds of recurring nightmares. Thankfully, they don't happen that often.  The first involves rattlesnakes, the second involves trains.

I don't hate trains, nor am I afraid of them I just have an occasional nightmare involving being hit by a train. Thats why this video made such an impression on me.

It is the train's "dash-cam" view as it hits a ladder truck from Detroit MI Fire Dept. In it, you see the po-po getting their car off of the tracks, but the ladder truck isn't fast enough.

I remember hearing that the engineer on the truck company was reported to have suffered minor injuries. I hope that he is doing well and I hope he didn't get TOO much time off..

Click on the link above and see what one of Schmoe's nightmares is like.

Thanks to Dave Statter at Statter 911 for posting this. Because of him, I am sure to have this nightmare tonight. Maybe I will just try and watch Forrest Gump a few times to counter-act the train video.

Thanks for reading,


  1. good thing it was not "snakes on a train" nightmare.......

    I don't like snake nightmares either....

  2. Oh. Dear. You might want to skip my 3/23 3:52 CDT post.

    I'm with Indiana Jones when it comes to snakes: "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?" With all that, it seemed I had icky critter duty more often then either of my adult parents as I grew up. Haha.

    The Observer

  3. Dear Captain Schmoe,

    I don't have snakes, I have bugs. The bug thing comes up when I have loose ends--it turns me into an insomniac and THEN I must accomplish things. I hate the dreams almost as much as I hate the bugs.

    Ann T.

  4. Capt,

    I saw the video yesterday. Is there a traffic light right there at the tracks?? Have you heard any reason as to why he was parked where he was??