Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hangin' with Santa

I was down in Hometown and dropped by to see a friend of mine who works for the Hometown F.D.  They were getting ready to take Santa through the hood, and offered to take me along. Of course, they wanted some good pics out of the deal - what the heck, pixels are cheap!

The evening started off kind of slow, there weren't a lot of kids in the first couple of neighborhoods we visited. Santa had a bag full of candy canes which were provided by the Firefighter's Association.

After a few stops, the kids figured it out and business picked up. I was amazed at the number of kids that came out to see Santa at this stop, word travels fast when it comes to Santa and candy canes.

This little girl was not impressed with Santa. Maybe she sensed that Santa should have had a few more wrinkles (in the Hometown FD, the rookies help out Santa) or maybe she could smell that radish and onion sandwich that Santa had for dinner. Either way, she wasn't picking up what Santa was laying down. She didn't even want the candy cane that was offered to her. Her brother got it as well as his own.

A fun evening hanging with Santa and the boys from Hometown FD. BTW, I thanked Santa for the cool camera he brought me back in the summer and then I hit him up for another lens. He told me to go screw myself, I haven't been that good.

No wonder that little girl was crying, Santa is a little harsh.

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