Monday, December 20, 2010

Memo to the Big City Professional Firefighter's Association

Brothers and Sisters of the Big City Professional Firefighter's Association,

Thank you for allowing me access to your social functions, training exercises and community events. I enjoy working with your organization and have gained both professionally and personally from our relationship. I hope that your organization has realized a benefit as well.

As our relationship has grown over the years, I have developed a deep respect for your association and it's members. I care about the health of your association and of your department. My caring is not only due to our personal relationship, but also the realization that what happens in the Big City Fire Department also affects the Kind Big Fire Protection District and scores of other nearby agencies.

Out of this caring, arises some concern. I have noticed a trend while attending several holiday related events over the past few weeks, one that I believe will cause your organization problems in the future, thus for mine as well.

At several large community events, the participation by your association members appeared to be minimal, while that of others was significant. Ordinarily, this would not be an issue, however as these events were part of the "Firefighter's Toy Drive", I believe it was in bad form.

At one event involving the collection of toys, the booth was manned exclusively by members of a local community/business partnership, several younger fire explorers and a support staff member from your agency. No firefighters - uniformed or off duty - were present.

Another event, this one involving Santa and toy distribution, produced a similar result. Both were conducted under the banner of the "Firefighter's Toy Drive".

I am sure that this was noticed by both the business and community  leaders that were present at these events. These are the people that have influence over your city council and other influential organizations - the people that run your city. The last thing that you need is to alienate the unofficial power structure that controls your community.

The Big City Fire Dept. has made it through the last few years fairly unscathed. Your association's political involvement, community relations and charity work as enabled you to enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the area. Frankly, the Kinda Big Fire Protection District has shared in some of your organizations success and I hope that we can continue to do so.

My concern is that your association is beginning to become complacent and that the benefits of your efforts will evaporate into thin air, not unlike the equity in many of our homes. It is also my concern that the Kinda Big Firefighter's Association will suffer significant collateral damage as a result.

I hope that someone will bring this matter up for discussion at your next association meeting and that it will be discussed at all levels in your organization. I plan to reaffirm my organization's commitment to community involvement at our next general meeting in February. I don't want us to fall into the same trap.

Thanks again,
Joseph R. Schmoe


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