Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sometimes... sure is nice to have a rock to stand on...

file Schmotograph you can see what's going on below you.

file Schmotograph
 If you can see through the smoke that is!

A good vantage point isn't always available. It is important however. In fact posting lookouts is one of the 10 standard orders of wildland firefighting. It's a practice that we are starting to use in other types of emergencies as well.

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  1. Nice pics. On a related topic, I was looking at your pics and noted the type of wildland gear.

    Do you prefer one or two piece gear for wildland?

    We have one piece overalls that go right over our street clothes.

    Just curious...........

  2. FC5 - Thanks, I took them several months ago and forgot I had them until I was backing up my files!

    As far as wildland PPE, we all prefer two piece. I used to wear a nomex jumpsuit years ago and I hated it. A pain to get into and a pain to get out of. Plus, the department got away from them as the crotch kept getting ripped out of them.

    The trick used to be to get assigned to a USFS fire, rip the crotch and swap them for two piece nomex ppe. Sneaky, huh?

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I dont like the one piece either, but that is what we got with the Grant. It is still a huge step up from wearing structural gear like we did for years.

    We also bought wildland helmets and boots with the grant, so no heavy helmets or bunker boots.