Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I wasn't going to post about...

... it being the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack until I saw this:

A P.O.W. - M.I.A. flag and United States flags lining the main drag of Borrego Springs CA. My decision was confirmed when I ran into these guys:

Members of American Legion Post #853. They were kind enough to let me photograph them as they went about their business.

If I had been up at the crack of dawn like they were, I could have photographed them putting the flags up instead of taking them down.

If these men could take time out of their day to put up two miles of flags commemorating this solemn day, then I could take a few minutes and post about the sacrifices that our servicemen made on that harrowing day.

2403 people lost their lives on that fateful day in Hawaii, including 60 civilians. It exemplifies what happens when we let our guard down and assume the world's issues won't affect us. It's a lesson that is paid for in blood.

Tragic as the event was, it did focus our attention on the task at hand and got us started on the road to defeating our enemies.

Too bad it ever happened.

Thanks to those served at Pearl Harbor, thanks to those who have served elsewhere and thanks to American Legion post #853. All of your efforts are appreciated.

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