Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Heat Wave

After reading Capt. Wines account of how the bad weather is affecting the east, I thought I would walk around the campground and see how winter has affected the area. Of course I took my camera to document the carnage.

The Ocatillos are greener than usual due to the early rain.

As winter approaches, the bees are no longer playing with the birds, but are concentrating on gathering food.

The winter temperatures have caused the State Park employees to switch to their winter uniforms - long pants! Of course this has caused increased perspiration as noted on the back of this States Parks A/C tech.

Ain't winter a bitch!

Thanks for reading,
A toasted toasty Schmoe

P.S. It was 78 degrees yesterday here in Borrego Springs, Wines. I even had the AC on in the truck for a while. But I'm not gloating.

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  1. That's it! I'm buying a plane ticket. Gonna get me one of those "pat downs" and head for warmer weather. I just hope it aint too "sandy" out there in the desert .. my little cheeks shap easily. LOL. Enjoy your time off and have a Happy Holidays!
    Captain Wines