Friday, January 28, 2011

Dog, Hanging Around

Something you don't see every day.

Sorry for the crappy picture, it caught me by surprise. I looked up and the opening was filled with dog. A chilled out dog I might add. One quick, over-exposed shot and the dog was gone, safely on his way back to terra firma.

That's one of the many things I like about this gig - I get to see a lot of cool stuff.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Amazing! He's just like, totally cool with hanging there in the air with nothing under his feet.

    Thanks for sharing the shot (which isn't that bad.)

    The Observer

  2. Thanks, observer.

    Believe me, he was as chilled out as he looked. I asked the handler if he had medicated him before the evolution, he said no, the dog just had no issues with those types of things. Amazing indeed.

  3. Great shot! I've never seen anything like this. What's the story?

  4. Mad Jack - I'm not really sure. That group kind of kept to themselves and did some rope work with the dog. I spoke with them for only a short while and didn't really get into what they were up to. They could have been with any number of organizations, they weren't with us.

    Thanks for the commewnt