Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rest in Peace

First it got sick.

Then it got sicker. 103 f, rectally - that's pretty high!

Then it died. Sniff.

As with any trusted friend, it's disposal was handled with respect and dignity.

R.I.P. my loyal servant, you lived a hard, but fruitful life. I will miss you. That is until I can get down to Best Buy and purchase a new Nano.


My kid gave this to me after he bought an early "Touch". He put a few hard years on it before I obtained it, it's time with me was relatively easy. Still, six years is a pretty long life. I am surprised how much I miss it. I have a few gift cards from Christmas to squander so it's off to Best Buy I go.

Thanks for reading,


  1. My boom box is from 1987, but neither tape deck works anymore.

  2. LMAO!!! and funny - my verification word is "nesting".

  3. Bulrush - That's funny. I have three boom boxes in the garage, all from the late '90s They all belonged to my kids, but are no longer needed as the I-Pod thing has taken over. They don't even have CD's all their music is MP3 files or files from I-tunes. What will their kids listen to?

    Thanks Bulrush and Hydrant Girl for the comments