Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I finally figured out what that "monochrome" setting was for on my camera:

Back when I was a rookie firefighter for the Tiny City Fire Dept, I used to shoot a little 35mm film. I used a lot of black and white as it was a lot cheaper to purchase and develop. I haven't shot a black and white photo since 1983 or 1984. Today, I was watching some guys drill with a hydraulic powered circular saw and thought I'd snap a few. I opted for the monochrome setting on the camera as I was feeling a little nostalgic.

The camera is focused on the front of the helmet flashlight in the foreground, blurring nicely to the guys using the saw. I liked it enough to post.

Some things are just better in color.

A brilliant winter sunset lent an orange hue to this normally lemon yellow hydrant. I don't mean to boast, but the high on the day this was shot was in the high 60s. The oranges are almost ripe, another week or so and they will be ready.

I must tell you that there is nothing like getting a hankerin' for an orange, walking to the tree and helping yourself. For many of us, it is a rapidly disappearing experience. Development and high water costs have made a lot of groves disappear. I am lucky, as The Saint has a parcel of dirt with a few trees on it. Heaven on a branch!

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  1. When I lived in Florida I had an orange tree in the back yard. What a difference from the junk we get in the grocery stores! Even though the tree was laden, I made a very serious dent in the orange crop.

    That's a nice pic, but why is the fire hydrant slightly bent?

  2. Mad Jack - My orange consumption goes way up this time of year. I can tell when an orange has been in storage and thus don't eat them in the off season. I will however buy a few to slice for use in certain beers.

    You have a good eye, the hydrant appears to be bent due to lens distortion. I use a very wide angle zoom lens and took this at the 15mm setting which is as wide as it goes. When I took the photo, I had one thing in mind, when I downloaded it I realized it wasn't going to work. Rather than tossing the image, I cropped it and you can see the result.

    I love that lens, it is a good mid-range lens. The one I really wanted cost close to two grand and has less distortion at wide angle. However, another two grand out of pocket would cause a lot of distortion at home.

    I'm just sayin'.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Great photos! I wish I was half as good with a camera as you are!!


  4. Thanks CRN, I'm glad you like them - though I think a better choice of words would be ...as LUCKY with a camera... You all just get to see the lucky shots that halfway turn out. You should see all the stuff I delete!! Thanks again.