Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Know

His face I know, his name I know. Him, I know not.

I now know that he went past the hose line and upstairs into an unsecured section of a well involved home. I also know that while up there, he found a man and dragged him to a window where he and another firefighter made a ladder rescue with a semi-conscious victim.

I know that he placed himself at great personal risk and saved the life of another. I know that he bowed his head and allowed  the Chief of his department place a ribbon with a medal on it over his neck. I know that the medal was the Medal of Honor, the highest award that his department can give a firefighter and that it has been over twelve years since it was last awarded.

I know that I am proud to be part of the same profession as he is and that I am honored to have been invited to the awards dinner.

Although I don't know him, I know that he has what it takes, what is buried deep inside of him, to enable him to accomplish what others have not.

Strong work lad, strong work.

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