Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rose Parade Rememberance

Happy New Year everybody. It's 0800 local and I am getting ready to watch the 2011 Tournament of Roses parade. Kind of sissy I know, but I like to get up early on New Years day and watch it. This year, there is a unique float in the parade, one that I felt worth posting about.

This is the artists conception of a float honoring the fallen in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The effort was spearheaded by Jerry Thomsen, a Los Angeles County firefighter who responded to the WTC disaster in New York.

The event so impacted Jerry that he decided to put together a committee, establish a non-profit and build a float for this year's parade, the 10th anniversary of the event.

Through his and countless others hard work they succeeded and the float is lined up as I write this.

What an amazing effort and tribute. I don't know if the float is full funded, but you can donate to the cause and purchase merchandise at THE FLOAT COMMITTEE"S WEBSITE.

Strong work Jerry, I hope you don't mind, but I kyped these pics off of your web-site. Good luck and Happy New Year to all involved.

And, Happy New Year to all of you readers.

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  1. With an avatar like you have, how could I not be curious about what kind of blog you have???? Now I know.... interesting and fun. This post brought back many memories. I grew up in the Pasadena area, and spent my teenage years going to the Rose Parade with friends or family. There is nothing to compare with those floats! Lots of great memories of those days!

  2. Karen - Thanks for stopping by. Although I too grew up a few hours away from Pasadena, I only went to the Rose Parade once. I was in Jr. High school and took my Christmas gift, a Kodak tele-instamatic 608 camera (110 film). I took 3 or 4 rolls of pictures and spent all of my money getting them developed.

    I was expecting National Geographic quality photos and of course, I was very disappointed with the results.

    That's when I learned that photography can be a very expensive hobby. Of course now I have somewhat better equipment, yet I am rarely truly happy with the results. I am starting a class at a local university in a few weeks, hopefully they will be able to beat something into my cro-magnonesque skull.

    I'm glad you liked the blog, come back often.

    Thanks foe the comment.