Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I followed this link that reader Frank Ch. Eigler left in the comments section of my mast post. Apparently the A.P. news article that I read left out a few details  on Mr. Garner's actions that day.

Details like there were three sets in the residence, not one. He took the phone and the smoke detector with him as he left.

As a result, I feel a little better about my assessment of Mr. Garner. I have a feeling he just might be in that "special" place.

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  1. Dear Captain Schmoe,
    Just terrible. Thanks for both posts and a chance to read some references. Five children died; no telling how many lives affected.

    And yes, if he was working alone, then there is no reason to suspect he is deficient in mental skills. That is to say, he might be missing some abilities, but not enough. He is indeed responsible for his actions.

    Ann T.