Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aftermath's The Big Picture posted a series of photos covering the aftermath of the earthquake/tsunami overnight. Incredible image once again.

Some officials in Japan are now estimating that the death toll from this disaster could top 10,000. Looking at some of these images, I wonder if they might be a little low. The suffering continues as millions are left without basic needs and some news outlets are reporting that officials haven't even reached all of the destroyed areas.

Rising fears regarding damaged nuclear reactors and leaking radiation are just piling on to the magnitude and scope of the disaster, like Japan needed anything more in it's plate.

I am quite confident that firefighters and other first responders are doing what they can, but I am equally sure that their efforts are being swamped by the enormity of the event. That's why it is called a disaster.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, keep the Japanese people in your thoughts. Many of them didn't have such a great weekend, it will ba a while before things improve.

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