Friday, March 11, 2011

Power II

The Los Angeles news stations have been covering the earthquake in Japan since last night. This morning, all of the stations were covering it, not just Fox. One of the many points which they are covering, is the effect of the quake on the local beaches.

Of course, the big fear is a tsunamic  type wave striking the California coast. Several counties have closed their beaches and harbors. Numerous tourist piers have been closed as have several schools located on or near the coast.

As I write this, local reporters covering the coast near Ventura, Calif are reporting turbulent waters in the yacht harbor and an outflow of water from the beaches. Areas under water a few minutes ago are now dry. That is a classic precursor to a tsunami. Of course some local idiots are down, walking on the newly dried land and the surfers are still out on the water.

While any tsunami that does arrive in So Cal today is not expected to be large, the very idea that an event occurring halfway around the world can effect the coast in California is amazing. While I hope that any preparations being made are precautionary, I appreciate the fact that someone, somewhere is thinking and ahead.

I'll keep you posted as much as time allows. To be honest, not much is going to be accomplished at The Healing Place today, we are going to be glued to the TV.  As news continues to trickle in, I am sure we will continue to be amazed.


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  1. Catch a wave!

    I lived in Florida for a while, and anytime a hurricane came within striking distance you'll play hell trying to get the surfers in. The crazy tourists would go nuts trying to get out of town and the Florida natives would do as they've always done for the last hundred years: batten down and lay in fresh water, food and ammunition. Looters, you see. 'Gators too.

    Everyone near the coast lays in disaster supplies when the season opens, then eats the supplies when the season is over. That's life in sunny Florida.