Friday, March 18, 2011

Are you kidding?

The phone rang, a captain from district HQ was on the line. "Hey Schmoe, they're putting together a strike team to go up north. Are you interested?"

"Are you kidding? Whats burning?" I asked as I looked at my watch. It was 2100 hrs and I was intimidated my the term "up north".

"I think up in the Owens valley, I heard they're losing structures." 

By the time we actually get the request, drive for five or six hours and then get a 24 hour assignment - I am looking at being up for the next two days. "I'll pass, but thanks for calling".

Let some young guy jump on that, I'll stay here and be warm. I got on the computer and logged on to Sure thing, 500-600 acres just south of Big Pine, right off of Hwy 395. That's crazy, it's in the middle of winter.

It would appear that it's a wind driven event, the winds associated with a frontal passage. Right now, however, the winds are reported to be less than 10 kts. in Big Pine. The low winds now could be a sign that the front is passing and that they will return, though blowing from another direction. The temperature is 46 degrees, the crews are going to be cold.

We get so used to fire season being a summer/fall phenomenon, that it surprises us when a wildfire pops in winter, especially a wet one like we have had this year. Ya just never know, our state has had large structure loss wildfires in every month of the year.

Again, I'll pass if I have the option. I am getting to the point that I like comfort and dislike discomfort. Funny how that works.

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A warm Schmoe

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