Thursday, March 17, 2011

Deja Vu

We don't get to train in nice buildings, ones with life or use left in them. The ones we get to use have somehow been passed by, societal shifts have rendered them useless or undesirable. In time, after we get done with them, the bulldozers will arrive and a new vacant lot will be created

So it was with this building, a formerly stately Victorian,  converted into a four-plex during WWII and now a derelict, waiting for it's date with a bulldozer. The smell of stale piss permeated the air under the carport, the neighborhood denizens taking advantage of the seclusion that the space provided. This building's last years were not kind to it, even before it was vacant. Some tenants tend not to be good stewards of other people's property, even when they live in it.

All of these thoughts crossed my mind as I entered the rear door to the building and began climbing the rear stairs, heading to the second floor. As I climbed the first short section of stairs, I got that weird feeling that I had been there before.

Stronger than the typical deja-vu moment, the feeling persisted as I continued my climb up the stairs. When I reached the second floor, the steps terminated in the kitchen. It was then I realized that this experience was not daja-vu - I had been there before. The layout of the kitchen affirmed that at some point in my career, I had trod those stairs, provided my services and had assisted someone down them to a gurney waiting below.

I don't remember the details, I haven't worked in that district in many years. When I saw the light shining through the window, I thought that it was worth taking a few minutes and taking the shot. Although I may not remember the details of my first visit to this building, I have documentation of my last.

These will likely be the last photos taken in this place, the building is coming down tomorrow. At least it's last days were spent doing something useful, despite it's dilapidated state.

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