Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Too Far

Charlie, you have gone too far. I couldn't care less about the hookers and the blow. Now that your kids are out of your hands, what you do is really up to you. Though I am getting tired of your hourly tirades, I recognize that you feel a need to spew and the media feels a need to cover it. I have gotten used to the idea that one of the better sit-coms on network TV is probably going away.

But today Charlie, one of your rants went too far and you really pissed me off. During one of your you-tube rants, you said that you "wouldn't have to wear those silly bowling shirts" any more. Ouch.

Charlie, I LIKE those silly bowling shirts. I even own a few. They are comfortable, fit well and look great. The Saint That I Am Married To likes them as well. She knows that if she is having a problem finding the perfect gift for me, she can pop down to the big city, score one of those silly bowling shirts and it will all be good.

But now Charlie, all of that has changed. Every time I put one on, all I will think of is the term "silly bowling shirt." You took the joy of those shirts away from me Charlie, it will never be the same.

I just want you to know that your actions and words affect others Charlie. First Jon Cryer, now me. Stop the madness Charlie, it hurts. 

Thanks for reading,

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