Monday, March 21, 2011

I'll Take It!

I went out to the mail box on Saturday and found a handful of letters. I grabbed them and went into the garage where I could sort them out, with the junk going directly into the garbage. Buried in the stack, underneath the AARP solicitation (screw you AARP, save that crap for some old guy!), was a letter from Furnace Creek State University.

It was my report card for last quarter. I got a B+ in my photography class. While it was not the A+++ I was hoping for, I'll take it, it was better than the C--- that I probably earned. The + is likely a mercy +, the instructor said that he is more liberal with grading these outreach courses than he is with his regular courses. Still, even a B- or a C+ is better than average.

Besides, I learned a lot and the grade is not my primary objective with these classes. The instructor is kind of clever though, he knows that as I didn't fail the class, I am likely to enroll in the next one - which he also teaches.

I am sure that the next one will be equally as good, it covers more creative aspects of photography. I can't wait.

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