Thursday, March 3, 2011

Report on Icy Conditions

Ice is a non-issue around here. In my time on the job, I have received one safety alert regarding possible icy road conditions and I have put chains on a rig exactly one time. Both events were precautionary and both proved to be unnecessary.

I know that my comrades back east and in the great frozen north are not so fortunate. I see news stories of the horrid conditions that they respond in and it makes me thankful that Grampa Schmoe became fed up with the Indiana winters and fled the state.

As tough as my frigid brethren have it driving apparatus in icy conditions, I wonder if  their discomfort matches that of these pilots:

Yikes! That had to have been a little scary. Don't try to blame this on Californian pilots not being able to handle a little ice either. As the pilots fly for Scandinavian Air Service, I am sure they are experienced at driving on  ice.

Rest easy my cold weather readers, a few more weeks and winter will soon be over. Then tornado season begins.

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  1. From a northeastern perspective - you can keep the wildfires and we will keep the snow, ice and chains. Sounds like an even trade to me. Just saying.....

  2. Red - You're probably right, it does seem like a fair trade - though I have never lived through a "real winter" and can't make a fair decision. Ice, snow chains and all that just seem like a real pain to deal with on a daily basis. There has to be a reason all those folks have moved to Florida.

    Thanks for the comment.